Sneak Peek of the Brand New Studio

This week with Prof. Y.C. Richard WONG from the Faculty of Business and Economics working on the flipped classroom style filming for CCGL9025 'The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the [...]

Enhancing students’ experiences through EL and technology

Flipped classroom has been an instructional strategy and blended learning as adopted by TeLi since its establishment. Through educational innovations and methods including MOOCs, SPOCs, and OERs, [...]

Gamification of learnings through the CSI Game

The gamification of learning as simple as earning marks has a long history that could trace back to the 1700s. In TeLi, a group of innovative developers and designers is now adding a splash of [...]

Enhance Public Speaking Skills through Flipped Classroom

Students have worked hard over the semester, and there is almost no course that will end without presentations. Presentation skills continue to serve as an essential soft skill that enable [...]

Usual Day in TeLi

Our crew in TeLi assisted various departments to create online learning materials. Whether you are from Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of [...]

Flipped Classroom Livestream Style Filming

Professional, efficient teaching. Engaging and interactive learnings. Peers to peers knowledge exchange and discussions. All of these are the ideal outcome of flipped classroom professional [...]

Connecting Students through Flipped Classroom

With the breakthrough of science over the decades, technology advancements were said to be making our lives easier, helping people connect with each other, and even increasing productivity with [...]

Arousing Students’ Learning Interest through Flipped Classroom

“He that travels far knows much.” Such quote was created at a time before time-space compression makes such a huge impact on our contemporary lifestyle. Despite the fact that we could now easily [...]

Making time for students through Flipped Classroom

Apart from legal knowledge, analytical ability, attention to detail, logical reasoning skills, and sound judgement are a few essential skills to name in becoming a successful lawyer.

Tort Law DIY Filming

You might have watched the Flipped Classroom Symposium through TeLi’s live and on-demand streaming. You might have also gained knowledge on ways to transform and enhance the traditional way of [...]

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