Sneak Peek of the Brand New Studio

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This week with Prof. Y.C. Richard WONG from the Faculty of Business and Economics working on the flipped classroom style filming for CCGL9025 ‘The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the World’, here comes a sneak peek of the green screen studio in the brand new “Teaching Innovation Production Studio (TIPS)”.

Sneaking into the pro studio with our TeLi production crew, significant hardwares and softwares upgrade can easily be spotted at a glance. Prof. Wong was the first to try out the real-time filming at TeLi’s new studio. Creating instructional videos to enhance students’ e-learning experience has never been this easy! With pro tools like the open broadcaster software that enables preview of the speaker’s performance on a customized scene instantaneously, TeLi is now offering enhanced and tremendous filming experience to teaching staffs from HKU. The simple production process of real-time filming and the innovative setup of the technology enable anyone to make high-quality videos that facilitate students’ learning.

Interested in TeLi? Learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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