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Following the renowned Finovate Fall set in New York, here comes Hong Kong FinTech Week, the world’s first cross-border FinTech event! Today, 2018 FinTech Education Series kickstarts with HKU FinTech Day in the Large Moot Court at the University of Hong Kong.

Through innovative technology-enriched initiatives, TELI aims to help HKU nurture FinTech talents, and to bridge the gap between the demand of FinTech talents and the society through e-Learning. At today’s event, Professor Douglas Arner from HKU Faculty of LawDr. David Bishop from HKU Faculty of Business & Economics, and Dr. S.M. Yiu from HKU Department of Computer Science introduce the new FinTech MOOCs and its Professional Certificate Program.

FinTech Professional Certificate Program

Introduction to FinTech

HKU pioneered in Asia’s FinTech MOOCs and successfully launched Introduction to FinTech in May this year. Introduction to FinTech reaches over 31,500 learners from 198 countries to date, that is every country in the world.

FinTech Ethics and Risks

Ethics may not be what you would consider “Fin” or “Tech”, but FinTech Ethics and Risks is the MOOC that tells you the “Why” and the “What”.

Why should we adopt FinTech solutions?  Why is FinTech creating risks in cybersecurity and what can be done by technology to help us prevent financial crimes? Learn from this MOOC to find out the process and the answers to the questions.

Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations

How does Blockchain work? What is behind the Blockchain technology? Dr. S.M. Yiu asked the audience nine questions to help them decide whether they think they need to take the course, and why they should take the course.

How to equip yourself for the FinTech future?

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