About Us

We are the Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative 科創習新 (TELI), a team of e-learning technologists, instructional designers, multimedia professionals, software engineers, game developers, researchers and collaboration associates under the Teaching and Learning infrastructure of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Our mission is to showcase, facilitate and improve technology-enriched teaching and learning (e-learning) across HKU. We hope to use technology as a tool to build genuine partnership with stakeholders in scaling out teaching and scaling up learning.

Technology has continuously developed and changed the way we communicate and access information in the past few decades. Students come to us with a new way to learn and teachers need to respond with new ways to develop the intellectual faculty of our students. Learning, in many ways, is becoming e-learning. We strongly believe that technology has an important role in enhancing, supporting and blending traditional methods of learning with e-learning.

We strive to consolidate and advance e-learning through four main goals:

Delivering high quality online learning resources

Maximising the potential of e-learning design, analytics and development

Improving e-learning infrastructure

Connecting enthusiastic educators together through e-learning

We support all Faculties to develop e-learning modules, online courses and flipped classrooms. We produce professional videos and multimedia materials to support teaching and learning, promotion of education initiatives, and event recording.

We provide individual consultation on e-learning and teaching development projects (e.g., TDGs). We actively explore systems development, as well as web and mobile app design. Gamification is on our roadmap.

Developing and improving systems and platforms at HKU for effective learning and aiming to introduce the latest technologies to change learning for the better.

We see the value of partnerships and communities of practice in driving teaching innovations. We organize seminars, workshops and online self-help resources to keep the conversations going and to discover new perspectives in technology-enriched T&L.

Contact Us

Got a question? Email us at enquiry@teli.hku.hk – we usually get back to you in 1-2 working days.
You might also want to have a look at the following table to identify whom to get in touch with.

We’re here to help you with… Whom to contact
Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) – concept development, proposal writing, research collaboration, etc. Dr. Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk)
E-learning Technologist
Everything about MOOCs and SPOCs Dr. Ellen Seto (ellenseto@hku.hk)
Instructional Designer
Student-led e-learning activities and projects Dr. Carson Hung (carsonks@hku.hk)
Web Developer
Professional development, faculty-based workshops and online self-help modules Dr. Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk)
E-learning Technologist
Flipped classroom design and implementation Dr. Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk)
E-learning Technologist
Moodle-related issues Dr. Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk)
E-learning Technologist
e-learning technologies (including mobile learning, apps, AR, VR, 360 degrees photography, e-portfolio) Dr. Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk)
E-learning Technologist

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