Connecting Students through Flipped Classroom

 In TELI Diary

With the breakthrough of science over the decades, technology advancements were said to be making our lives easier, helping people connect with each other, and even increasing productivity with reduced working hours. However, debates on the pros and cons of science and technology are still highly controversial.

In TeLi, we believe that technology could be used to increase in-class interactions, advance students’ problem solving skills, and encourage collaboration between students to promote peer-to-peer learnings if being used wisely and with sound considerations.

Mr. M.R. Pryor from Faculty of Architecture is one of our supporters of the Flipped Classroom. In his Common Core course CCHU9001 Humanities: Designs on the Future: Sustainability of the Built Environment, Mr. Pryor made use of the Flipped Classroom to arouse students’ interest, helping students connect with each other, and to help them develop various essential soft skills during class. 

Interested in TeLi? Learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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