Enhancing students’ experiences through EL and technology

 In TELI Diary

Flipped classroom has been an instructional strategy and blended learning as adopted by TeLi since its establishment. Through educational innovations and methods including MOOCs, SPOCs, and OERs, we strive to enhance traditional learning experiences of HKU students.

This week, Dr. Lily Zeng continues to deliver in-depth yet explicit Experiential Learning knowledge through the internet. From helping students understand the expectation and rationale behind teachers’ choice of assessment tasks, recognise the connections between the assessment and learnings, learn how will they be graded, and gain essential knowledge on working with people of special needs, she continues to work with TeLi on enhancing students’ experiences through EL and technology.

Interested in TeLi? Learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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