Sneak Peek of MTR MOOC Final Episode

In 2018, MTR is working on a series of service enhancement project to enhance passengers experience. You might recall TeLi helped explain the technology behind additional train trips back in [...]

Dinosaur Come Alive in TeLi EdTech Day

The end of a semester means new beginnings for the next one. Just in time for the coin toss, TeLi is here in Haking Wong Podium showcasing latest technology in the HKU EdTech [...]

Understand EL Assessment through eLearning

The end of the second semester is approaching, it’s almost time for students and teachers to get ready for assessment. In TeLi, we’ve been working with CETL in promoting Experiential Learning [...]

Preparing Functional Speedy Recovery Message

Prevention is better than cure, but what if a disease has already occurred? Apart from receiving medical treatment and taking drugs, have you ever thought about speeding up recovery with food therapy?

Delivering Explicit Knowledge through the internet

What qualities would you identify from a charismatic person? How about someone with good people skills and team spirit? Or maybe someone who could demonstrate high efficiency in a logical way, [...]

Wu Zhi Qiao Orientation Filming

Whether it’s compulsory courses from ten of the HKU faculties, multidiscipline courses as offered by Common Core, or project based learning opportunities as offered by the HKU Horizons office, [...]

Women as Bearer not maker of meaning?

Think about a behavior of a random person you bump into that has irritated you today. Such behavior might be far from law breaking, but you might feel like you have the power to belittle such [...]

Tracing TeLi footprints in C9+1

Scholars and professionals from the academic field of China congregated in HKU for the three-day C9+1 event starting from April 12, 2018. Throughout the event, our TeLi crew was working like a [...]

Defining Real World Limits with Calculus

If you are new to calculus, you will probably ask the question, why should we learn calculus at all? In fact, mathematicians have been using calculus in areas including physics, engineering, [...]

Gamification of learnings through the CSI Game

The gamification of learning as simple as earning marks has a long history that could trace back to the 1700s. In TeLi, a group of innovative developers and designers is now adding a splash of [...]

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