Women as Bearer not maker of meaning?

 In TELI Diary

Think about a behavior of a random person you bump into that has irritated you today. Such behavior might be far from law breaking, but you might feel like you have the power to belittle such person just because they have broken the social norm. Power is hidden in every corner of the street, but have you ever thought about what’s the true force that enable or constrain social action through “gaze”?

“Gaze” in sociology is the act of seeing and being seen, and gaze could actually reflects the dynamic power relationships in every corner of the world. It could be between doctors and patients, male and female, and even between a city capital and a second tier city. Through motion pictures, Prof. Gina Marchetti and Dr. Sylvia J Martin had an in-depth discussion in examining male gaze and its power relationships for the upcoming Gender MOOC in the TeLi studio today. Through this week material, she examines the phenomenon behind why “the silent image of woman still tied to her place as bearer of meaning, not maker of meaning.”

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