Gender MOOC Designed for the Contemporary Society

The sociology of gender examines a wide range of topic on how the society influences our understandings and perception of differences between masculinity and femininity. And this week in “TIPS”, [...]

Chit-chat on Gender and Politics with Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk

This spring, Dr. Carmen Tong invited Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk over to the TeLi studio for a chit-chat on the topic concerning gender and politics.

Women as Bearer not maker of meaning?

Think about a behavior of a random person you bump into that has irritated you today. Such behavior might be far from law breaking, but you might feel like you have the power to belittle such [...]

Distinguishing Sex & Gender with our new MooC

Back in February, HKU has organised the HeForShe #MeToo workshop on the Valentine’s day. This month, we continue filming the upcoming MooC, “Doing Gender and Why it Matters”, as part of the [...]

Why Gender Matters?

Why Gender Matters? In support of the “HeForShe” movement, Professor Peter Mathieson launched a campus campaign addressing gender issues across HKU.

HeForShe Initiative at HKU

Our students contributed so many ideas on ending gender-based violence at the HeForShe GlobalIdeathon.