Delivering Explicit Knowledge through the internet

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What qualities would you identify from a charismatic person? How about someone with good people skills and team spirit? Or maybe someone who could demonstrate high efficiency in a logical way, and at the same time, able to understand the needs of others? For aspiring lawyers, all of the above qualities are essential skills to develop in order to be successful in the field.

Nigel Davi, both a solicitor and a principal lecturer is conducting a DIY livestream style filming for his Master of Law class in the TeLi studio today. To spare time for students to develop essential soft skills and to gain tacit knowledge during class through peer to peer interaction and activities, Davi help students equip themselves with explicit knowledge through digital learnings. With technical equipments as provided by TeLi, Davi delivered explicit knowledge including enforcement, listing rule updates, ICOs, takeovers code, and continuing obligations to his students through the internet.

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