Cross-institutional Students Connect*ed

When we talk about engaging and connecting students, as well as developing their profound love towards learning through out of classroom learnings, it will always remind me of Maria, the [...]

Gender MOOC Designed for the Contemporary Society

The sociology of gender examines a wide range of topic on how the society influences our understandings and perception of differences between masculinity and femininity. And this week in “TIPS”, [...]

Animating the MTR Corporate Data Network

In the MTR Training Centre, OTD Centre Cab Simulator, Kathleen Yau, Atg Dsgn Supp Engr-Network from MTR explains to us the workflow of the three types of switch that connect the MTR Corporate [...]

Powering the Future of Education with Technology-Enriched Learning

TeLi, HKU is made up of a team of e-learning professionals. Serving as a creative hub for academic staffs from HKU across each faculty, we provide a one-stop solution in transforming and [...]

Helping Elderlies Make Deposit in Bankbook of Health

Health problems like frail ( fatigue, resistance, aerobic, illness, and loss of weight) is a concern within Hong Kong’s ageing population. Aiming to improve elderly's’ health condition, TeLi has [...]

Promoting the student-led Teaching Feedback Award

Students love constructive feedback provided in a timely fashion. In 2017, 30 HKU teachers have been nominated by students in the student-led Teaching Feedback Award (TFA). This year, the award [...]

Ready for Experiential Travel and Out-of-classroom Learnings?

No matter students are up for ego travel, the newest millennial fad, or extend their getaway into a meaningful trip like out-of-classroom learnings, experiential travel is at the top of the [...]

Sneak Peek of the Brand New Studio

This week with Prof. Y.C. Richard WONG from the Faculty of Business and Economics working on the flipped classroom style filming for CCGL9025 'The Political Economy of Growth and Poverty in the [...]

Chit-chat on Gender and Politics with Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk

This spring, Dr. Carmen Tong invited Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk over to the TeLi studio for a chit-chat on the topic concerning gender and politics.

Enhancing students’ experiences through EL and technology

Flipped classroom has been an instructional strategy and blended learning as adopted by TeLi since its establishment. Through educational innovations and methods including MOOCs, SPOCs, and OERs, [...]