Powering the Future of Education with Technology-Enriched Learning

 In TELI Diary

TeLi, HKU is made up of a team of e-learning professionals. Serving as a creative hub for academic staffs from HKU across each faculty, we provide a one-stop solution in transforming and enhancing the traditional way of teaching facing technology advancements.

Ranging from our e-learning technologists and instructional designers who help on the design of storyboard in illustrating and visualising ideas from academic staffs for audiences of differing levels of sophistication, to production crew like our multimedia professionals, game developers, and software engineers who help on turning ideas into reality, our crew is powering the future of education with technology-enriched learnings. This week in TeLi, we are assisting academic staffs from Faculty of Education as well as Department of Mathematics in creating multimedia content that facilitate students’ learning.

Interested in TeLi? Learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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