Cross-institutional Students Connect*ed

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When we talk about engaging and connecting students, as well as developing their profound love and interest towards learning through out of classroom learnings, it will always remind me of Maria, the wonderful life teacher of a group of eight children from the musical film, “The Sound of Music”.

It is a constant challenge to ensure that teaching and learning could fit for each student with different need, especially when students are from different institutions and aiming for unique professional and educational goals. Good news is that, last Saturday was the launch date of “connect*ed”, a social collaborative space and cross-institutional collaboration to connect students with a community of peers.

The initiative empowers students to be part of a “community of learning that coalesces around shared experience and common goals”, and provides a mobile platform for students that help “crystallises what they have learned and serve as a memento by which students may fondly remember this year”.  In Loke Yew Hall, Main Building, our production crew from TeLi filmed the launch event and helped mark the history of this meaningful initiative.

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