Nurture FinTech talents through e-Learning

Following the renowned Finovate Fall set in New York, here comes Hong Kong FinTech Week, the world’s first cross-border FinTech event! Today, 2018 FinTech Education Series kickstarts with HKU [...]

Cross-institutional Students Connect*ed

When we talk about engaging and connecting students, as well as developing their profound love towards learning through out of classroom learnings, it will always remind me of Maria, the [...]

Exploring Technology-Enriched Learning through Asian e-Table

The definition of globalisation is transforming over the decades, and so do globalisation in higher education. As the Asia’s global university, HKU Around the World is “committed to diversity, [...]

Promoting and Enabling Technology-Enriched Learning

Breakthrough technologies emerge every year. In 2018, AI is taking shape and started to gain the ability to imagine and might become more independent in the future. In terms of usability, [...]

Powering the Future of Education with Technology-Enriched Learning

TeLi, HKU is made up of a team of e-learning professionals. Serving as a creative hub for academic staffs from HKU across each faculty, we provide a one-stop solution in transforming and [...]