Animating the MTR Corporate Data Network

In the MTR Training Centre, OTD Centre Cab Simulator, Kathleen Yau, Atg Dsgn Supp Engr-Network from MTR explains to us the workflow of the three types of switch that connect the MTR Corporate [...]

Sneak Peek of MTR MOOC Final Episode

In 2018, MTR is working on a series of service enhancement project to enhance passengers experience. You might recall TeLi helped explain the technology behind additional train trips back in [...]

One year Anniversary with MTR

Back in March 2017, we first welcomed MTR to our TeLi multimedia office. For the last 12 months since the first handshake, we’ve been working closely with MTR in producing instructional videos. [...]

Technology behind Service Enhancement

As part of the MTR train service enhancement plan, MTR is going to enhance their service with additional train trips.  Do you know adding additional train trips is not a simple task to accomplish [...]

MOOC as a New Way of Learning

Education is the backbone of society, and TeLi made e-learnings possible for MTR Learning Organisation by producing a MOOC about the components of their trains. Through the MOOC, MTR aims to [...]

MTR Education Video Ep.3 Outdoor Filming

Just a couple of days ago, our TeLi crew visited the MTR Academy in filming the secrets behind overhead power cables. Today, our crew is honoured to partner with Mr. C Y Lee, an experienced [...]

MTR Education Video Ep.3 Filming

MTR as one of the world's leading railway operators, it’s operating with an average weekday patronage of about 5.6 million passengers according to its official website. Being one of the major [...]

MTR Depot Filming

The TELI filming crew was invited to film in the Kowloon Bay Depot, MTR Headquarters Building and the MTR Gallery for the first episode about train components.

Filming at the MTR Headquarters Building

Have you ever wondered how were MTR trains built, or how trains turn around as they reach the terminal?

Building of 3D Train model

In recent collaboration with MTR, TELI's 3D and visual effect experts are creating Kwun Tong Line C-train models.

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