MTR Education Video Ep.3 Filming

 In TELI Diary

MTR as one of the world’s leading railway operators, it’s operating with an average weekday patronage of about 5.6 million passengers according to its official website. Being one of the major public transportations Hong Kong people choose to commute to reach 159 stations across the city, MTR naturally becomes part of our everyday life.

Yesterday, our TeLi crew started filming episode three of the education video series in the MTR Academy. Featuring Chinese calligraphy teacher Ms. Cheng from Chung Fung Studio, the MTR staff learnt the importance of controlling hardness and softness in creating beautiful Chinese calligraphy. At the same time, it inspired them to understand overhead power cables also consist of materials with different degrees of stiffness. What’s more, MTR will also organize an internal event for the preview screening of the first education video as produced by our TeLi crew in the coming February.

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