Gender MOOC Designed for the Contemporary Society

The sociology of gender examines a wide range of topic on how the society influences our understandings and perception of differences between masculinity and femininity. And this week in “TIPS”, [...]

Chit-chat on Gender and Politics with Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk

This spring, Dr. Carmen Tong invited Ms. Anna Wu Hung-yuk over to the TeLi studio for a chit-chat on the topic concerning gender and politics.

Women as Bearer not maker of meaning?

Think about a behavior of a random person you bump into that has irritated you today. Such behavior might be far from law breaking, but you might feel like you have the power to belittle such [...]

Distinguishing Sex & Gender with our new MooC

Back in February, HKU has organised the HeForShe #MeToo workshop on the Valentine’s day. This month, we continue filming the upcoming MooC, “Doing Gender and Why it Matters”, as part of the [...]

Why Gender Matters?

Why Gender Matters? In support of the “HeForShe” movement, Professor Peter Mathieson launched a campus campaign addressing gender issues across HKU.

He for She = Human for Human

When we talk about human rights, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? No slavery? We’re all equal before the law? Or maybe, all of us should has the right to freedom of thought? [...]

HeForShe Initiative at HKU

Our students contributed so many ideas on ending gender-based violence at the HeForShe GlobalIdeathon.