JoyAge filming – Clinical Social Work Certificate Training Course on Elderly Mental Health

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Have you ever feeling helpless and hopeless about life? People around you are dancing through life, but you just can’t see the light. You believe others’ happiness come from the rose-coloured glasses they wear, or life is just simply unfair. Up to this point, you might just feeling depressed, but actually not suffering from depression. The World Health Organization published a viral video ‘I had a black dog, his name was depression’, and it pretty much showcased how it feels to suffer from such mental health challenge. And now, can you imagine the pain of elderlies approaching their final days of life, and at the same time, suffering from depression?

As part of the JoyAge project, our TeLi crew is delighted to partner with Prof. Samson Tse to produce the video materials for ‘Clinical Social Work Certificate Training Course on Elderly Mental Health (late-life depression)’. Such material point us to obtain more autonomy and opportunity about life, as well as gaining insight into the right path of recovery: impact of illness, life is limited, change is possible, commitment to change, and actions for change.

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