Experiential learning series: HKSTP (Robo Workshop) filming

 In TELI Diary

From arranging HKU student placement with our community partners to help  students gain real-world environment experience, to integrating Experiential Learning (EL) in HKU programmes, EL is enhancing students’ learning experience, helping beginning teachers to grow as individuals, and assisting experienced teachers to become a 21st century teacher through various EL initiatives.

Despite the fact that we hear about all the EL initiative and benefits we got through EL projects, we don’t always got the chance to capture these incredible experiences, or to spread its impact more effectively using various digital marketing channels as enabled by the latest technology.

Today, we got the chance to get to the backstage with the TeLi crew to take a quick glance at the joint collaboration of Faculty of Education of HKU, Hong Kong Science Park, and Hong Kong Education City in showcasing the latest EL. To kick-start this collaboration, TeLI filmed the interaction between two HKU PGDE students and a group of young kids participating in the HKSTP Robo Workshop.

To learn more about Experiential Learning (EL), check out their introduction leaflet, or take a look at the team’s recent project profiles.

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