A leap forward in
Inter-professional Team-based Learning
Materials in Oral Health
Explore the Secrets of Dental Materials and Digital Dentistry
Offered by the World's No. 1 Dental School
University Teaching
What can experienced teachers, scholars in pedagogy and
well-established research evidence teach us about
effective instructional strategies in higher education?
Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought
Think along with Classical Chinese masters as they explore and
debate how and where we can find ethical guidance in nature

Flipped Learning at HKU
What happens when you “flip” a large compulsory law course?
Thinking Big, Starting Small
Hands-on Workshop on Creating Your SPOC

Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative

Scale Out Teaching; Scale Up Learning.

Delivering high quality online learning resources

Maximising the potential of e-learning design, analytics and development

Improving e-learning infrastructure

Connecting enthusiastic educators together through e-learning

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