Hong Kong Cinema
Through a Global Lens
Dating Cafe
Collaboration with School of Nursing
on preventing dating violence
Learning to Work in Teams
Interprofessional Team-based Learning (IPTBL)
for Health Professional Students
Flipped Learning at HKU
What happens when you “flip” a large compulsory law course?
Thinking Big, Starting Small
Hands-on Workshop on Creating Your SPOC

Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative

Scale Out Teaching; Scale Up Learning.

Delivering high quality online learning resources

Maximising the potential of e-learning design, analytics and development

Improving e-learning infrastructure

Connecting enthusiastic educators together through e-learning

Case Highlights

FinTech Ethics and Risks

The first MOOC HKUx course launched, an introductory public health course running for the second year. 11 top-tier professors in the field of infectious disease take part in delivering the online lectures, which attracted over 10,000 students during its first run.
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The Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) is powered by the Senate-endorsed E-learning Strategy 2015.

We are a new team of e-learning technologists, instructional designers, multimedia professionals, researchers and collaboration coordinators to showcase, facilitate and improve technology-enriched teaching and learning (e-learning) across HKU.


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