A Teacher’s Journey into Online Education: Taking the Leap, Reflecting in the Process, and Reaping the Rewards

 In eNews Highlights Issue2

Ms Charlotte Chang, our e-Teacher-in-Residence, conducted a public lecture in late May for sharing her journey into online teaching with HKU teachers and education professionals.

To teachers who are used to the setting and dynamics of a traditional classroom, getting started in online education might seem daunting. Charlotte who has had similar experiences, however, found out that the advantages of online teaching outweighs the uncertainties she encountered in such adaption. She shared a step-by-step workflow of creating lecture videos and online teaching materials, and reassured the audience that online teaching can contribute to a better teaching and learning experience – for teachers, they no longer have to keep repeating core content in their classes, so they can optimise the time other than lecturing; for students, they will be able to enjoy the best teaching moments captured in online lecture videos for their self-paced learning — anytime, anywhere.

Check out the e-learning blog here for more details.

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