Global Collective Memory and The Hong Kong Cinema

 In TELI Diary

Popular culture and its productions are never just for fun. From the current Korean wave as driven by K-dramas and K-pop since the 90s, to Japanese manga, drama and music that has bred countless Japanophile to get obsessed with Japan starting from the 80s, world cities of the world are always taking popular culture seriously. Through government driven initiative like the ongoing ‘Cool Japan’ project, countries develop their creative economy, connect local to global, and also increase their soft power in the world naturally.

So how about the creative industry in Hong Kong? Apart from becoming a martial artist kung-fu icon or a renowned filmmaker, iconic public figures like Bruce Lee and Wong Kar Wai have left a mark in the world, helped Hong Kong in gaining global presence, and also created global collective memory through their timeless works and movies. In Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens, the MOOC critically examines Hong Kong cinema and covers elements including globalization, genres, identity, and social issues. In our TeLi studio this morning, Dr. Stacilee Ford from Department of History, and Dr. Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park from Department of Comparative Literature have sat down with the students to record the round up for the MOOC.

Interested in the MOOC? Enrol here, or learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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