Teaching and Learning Chinese culture the digital way

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Understanding culture is the key to learning a language – Dos and Don’ts, meaning of colors, symbols, written and spoken blessings are a few to name that we encounter in our everyday life. University of Hong Kong: the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong which often described as Asia’s World City, has a long history in welcoming international students from all over the world.

With the growing number of international students and demand on learning Chinese culture and language, now, TeLi make use of the the web and the latest technology to enhance learning and teaching experiences, to reach the growing number of international students interested in Chinese culture and its language with new methods of learnings along the way.


Yesterday at our studio in TeLi, alongside with Ms. Xiaoyi Li, Lecturer of School of Chinese, and Ms. Shuhui YUN, language instructor of School of Chinese, we filmed the sixth week lecture of the online cultural course. The course explored the features of Chinese culture and the expression in Chinese.

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