DIY filming like a Pro

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video created by talented yet solo YouTubers, you will be amazed by the quality of work and their ability to create such outstanding pieces independently. This [...]

Making time for students through Flipped Classroom

Apart from legal knowledge, analytical ability, attention to detail, logical reasoning skills, and sound judgement are a few essential skills to name in becoming a successful lawyer.

Tort Law DIY Filming

You might have watched the Flipped Classroom Symposium through TeLi’s live and on-demand streaming. You might have also gained knowledge on ways to transform and enhance the traditional way of [...]

Turning professors into vloggers

A DIY streaming station was set up in our studio room - from now on, professors can help themselves at the station and film online courses whenever they want.

Rick’s Flipped Classroom Filming

Today, the TELI team filmed Professor Rick Glofcheski's Tort Law flipped classroom.