Turning professors into vloggers

 In TELI Diary

TELI is glad to have filmed Professor Rick Glofcheski’s flipped class for Tort Law (LLAW 1005) this morning.

A DIY streaming station was set up in our studio room – from now on, professors can help themselves at the station and film online courses whenever they want. This DIY streaming station is a great time-saver and is convenient to use. It is a cradle where many high quality, innovative and educational videos were conceived. Through real-time streaming, subject experts can share their ideas and insights efficiently with a large audience, saving the trouble of setting up and post-editing.

The development of softwares has made filming technology more accessible to amateurs. It has empowered us to create sharable content more easily with a much smaller budget. In the past, expensive TV broadcaster level hardware and a team of experienced crew are prerequisites to produce videos. Today, with a laptop camera and your trusty smartphone or computer, you’re good to go!

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