Team work and Communication – Experiential Learning filming with CEDARS

Team work and Communication - Experiential Learning filming with CEDARS

Promoting the student-led Teaching Feedback Award

Students love constructive feedback provided in a timely fashion. In 2017, 30 HKU teachers have been nominated by students in the student-led Teaching Feedback Award (TFA). This year, the award [...]

Ready for Experiential Travel and Out-of-classroom Learnings?

No matter students are up for ego travel, the newest millennial fad, or extend their getaway into a meaningful trip like out-of-classroom learnings, experiential travel is at the top of the [...]

Enhancing students’ experiences through EL and technology

Flipped classroom has been an instructional strategy and blended learning as adopted by TeLi since its establishment. Through educational innovations and methods including MOOCs, SPOCs, and OERs, [...]

Understand EL Assessment through eLearning

The end of the second semester is approaching, it’s almost time for students and teachers to get ready for assessment. In TeLi, we’ve been working with CETL in promoting Experiential Learning [...]

A view through passionate eyes

Experience learning (EL) already has a long history and is still very popular in higher education nowadays, offering enormous opportunities for personal growth, gaining professional skills, and [...]

Usual Day in TeLi

Our crew in TeLi assisted various departments to create online learning materials. Whether you are from Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of [...]

Getting Well Prepared for EL

Getting well prepared is the first step to success. And when it comes to Experiential Learning (EL), getting well prepared is way more than that. “What you do would have real impact on real [...]

How does Experiential Learning work?

Students who enjoy learnings and able to achieve academic excellence have been labeled negatively as bookworms in the past. While this negative stereotype still sticks around like a contemporary [...]

PBL filming with Dr. Susan Bridges

Yesterday, we went to a PBL classroom setting held by Dr. Susan Bridges.

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