Welcome Prof Bai Jing from Nanjing University

We are delighted to welcome back our alumni and colleague Prof Bai Jing from Nanjing University. Accompanied by Prof Ying Chan, Prof Bai visited TELI for an exchange of knowledge in innovative [...]

Why Gender Matters?

Why Gender Matters? In support of the “HeForShe” movement, Professor Peter Mathieson launched a campus campaign addressing gender issues across HKU.

Melodramas of Migration

Psychology, history and cultural expressions, some trace of human behaviours could always be identified in movies at that time. Life is a balance of holding and letting go. Waves of mass [...]

MOOC as a New Way of Learning

Education is the backbone of society, and TeLi made e-learnings possible for MTR Learning Organisation by producing a MOOC about the components of their trains. Through the MOOC, MTR aims to [...]

Global Collective Memory and The Hong Kong Cinema

Popular culture and its productions are never just for fun. From the current Korean wave as driven by K-dramas and K-pop since the 90s, to Japanese manga, drama and music that has bred countless [...]

He for She = Human for Human

When we talk about human rights, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? No slavery? We’re all equal before the law? Or maybe, all of us should has the right to freedom of thought? [...]

Connecting Students through Flipped Classroom

With the breakthrough of science over the decades, technology advancements were said to be making our lives easier, helping people connect with each other, and even increasing productivity with [...]

How does Experiential Learning work?

Students who enjoy learnings and able to achieve academic excellence have been labeled negatively as bookworms in the past. While this negative stereotype still sticks around like a contemporary [...]

Arousing Students’ Learning Interest through Flipped Classroom

“He that travels far knows much.” Such quote was created at a time before time-space compression makes such a huge impact on our contemporary lifestyle. Despite the fact that we could now easily [...]

Making time for students through Flipped Classroom

Apart from legal knowledge, analytical ability, attention to detail, logical reasoning skills, and sound judgement are a few essential skills to name in becoming a successful lawyer.