A typical hardworking day for the TELI team

Today, the team came across filming on HK Cinema, Autopsy and Dentistry.

Using a microscope to investigate the aquatic biodiversity

The TELI team filmed the instruction video for the course SCNC1112 Fundamentals of Modern Sciences on the use of compound light microscope to investigate the aquatic biodiversity.

Back to our journey of dinosaur discovery

Dr Pittman’s course is going to be the first Massive Open Online Course (‪#‎MOOC‬) on ‪#‎geology‬, ‪#‎dinosaurs‬ and ‪#‎evolution‬ produced in Hong Kong.

First Face-to-Face Session to Create Your Online Video

We’re so happy to see that you’re now more confident in making your own educational videos!

What is interpreting and how is it different from translation?

What is interpreting and how is it different from translation? What does it like to be a simultaneous interpreter?

A Knowledge Exchange Project of HKU School of Nursing

What a fun day with a group of excellent student actors! #‎TELI helped with filming a Knowledge Exchange Project of #‎HKU School of #Nursing to enhance the awareness of dating violence in [...]

Non-local students’ voices about learning at HKU

TELI and CETL‬ are currently producing a Vox Pop based on informal interviews with 15 non-local students from 10 different countries and regions.

Using yeast to study chromosome stability

Several lab technique videos were produced by the TELI team to introduce students to the process of using yeast to study chromosome stability.

Story of a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

It is a story demonstrating the advantages of timely training for children with ASD. Support and participate to make a difference.

Interviewing director Andrew Lau Wai-Keung

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