Auteur in the Mood for Love

 In TELI Diary

For renowned movies like “Harry Potter”, the spotlight will mostly shine on the main characters, the actors, or the author behind the story. And when we talk about films like “Happy Together”, “In the Mood for Love”, and “2046”, the name Wong Kar-Wai might be the first thing that comes to mind.

This week, our TeLi crew continue filming the round-up of week six for the HK Cinema MOOC, Hong Kong Cinema as World Cinema: Wong Kar-Wai. By comparing “In the Mood for Love” and “An Autumn’s Tale”, it brings out the theory of Auteur, a director who actually brings film to live with their distinctive styles and senses in all aspect of the creative work.

Interested in the MOOC? Enrol here, or learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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