Melodramas of Migration

 In TELI Diary

Psychology, history and cultural expressions, some trace of human behaviours could always be identified in movies at that time. Life is a balance of holding and letting go. Waves of mass immigrants drifted away from friends and families and started their new life in foreign countries in the 80s. And that’s the time when the awarding winning drama film, “An Autumn’s Tale (AAT)” was born.

In the TeLi studio, Prof. Gina Marchetti, Prof. Stacilee Ford, and Sebastian Espinoza, student from HIST 2031 History through Film had an in-depth discussion on “Melodramas of Migration” based on AAT for Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens. Set in New York city, AAT reflects the lives of Hong Kong immigrants in the 80s. Through critically examining this uplifting and empowering story about personal growth and the ever changing life of immigrants that’s full of uncertainty, the MOOC brings academic topics including identity and gender into view.

Interested in the MOOC? Enrol here, or learn more about TeLi’s latest project by reading our e-learning blog.

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