CAES Filming on Citation and Referencing

CAES filming

Enhance Public Speaking Skills through Flipped Classroom

Students have worked hard over the semester, and there is almost no course that will end without presentations. Presentation skills continue to serve as an essential soft skill that enable [...]

Usual Day in TeLi

Our crew in TeLi assisted various departments to create online learning materials. Whether you are from Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of [...]

Flipped Classroom Livestream Style Filming

Professional, efficient teaching. Engaging and interactive learnings. Peers to peers knowledge exchange and discussions. All of these are the ideal outcome of flipped classroom professional [...]

Filming of CAES Students Interview

Have you ever wondered what you could get from a course before enrolling in it? Skills, knowledge, and experiences are a few to name. As the wise man said, ‘Everybody has 24 hours and the [...]

Promotional Video for Grammar Moodle

TELI and CAES filmed a promotional video to help students master English grammar.

CAES Graduate School Thesis Writing Course video filming

Thesis writing is an essential skill for University students nowadays.