JoyAge filming – Clinical Social Work Certificate Training Course on Elderly Mental Health

Have you ever feeling helpless and hopeless about life? People around you are dancing through life, but you just can’t see the light. You believe others’ happiness come from the rose-coloured [...]

Tort Law DIY Filming

You might have watched the Flipped Classroom Symposium through TeLi’s live and on-demand streaming. You might have also gained knowledge on ways to transform and enhance the traditional way of [...]

Surgery VO Recording

In TeLi, we treat our academic production seriously like professional filmmaking. From pre-production to post-production, video filming to voice over recording, our experienced TeLi crew strive [...]

Experiential learning series: ‘Learning by Doing’ Filming

You might have heard of the education system in the West that provide an incredible breeding ground for cultivating open minded talents, or have learnt about the rare and innovative teaching [...]

Filming of CAES Students Interview

Have you ever wondered what you could get from a course before enrolling in it? Skills, knowledge, and experiences are a few to name. As the wise man said, ‘Everybody has 24 hours and the [...]

JoyAge filming

According to Census and Statistics Department’s report in 2016, Hong Kong population aged 65 or above has risen from 12 percent to 16 percent in 10 years. In response to the depression issues [...]

Experiential learning series: HKSTP (Robo Workshop) filming

From arranging HKU student placement with our community partners to help  students gain real-world environment experience, to integrating Experiential Learning (EL) in HKU programmes, EL is [...]

FinTech MOOC filming

Our TeLi crew has started filming the Asia’s first FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) today. The MOOC is a six-week online course on Financial Technology featuring world class experts to [...]

CCGL9031 Entrepreneurship: Global and Social Development Trailer Filming

As we enter the entrepreneurial era, it makes us wonder what exactly entrepreneurship is. Facing this global phenomenon, Common Core will explore modern entrepreneurship with us by offering the [...]

Nursing Training filming

Located in Pauline Chan Building, 10 Sassoon Road, the Nursing Skills Laboratory is a high-tech training centre of the HKU School of Nursing with simulation equipment such as SimMan and [...]