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How do engineers find out all the currents and voltages in a network of connected components? How do civil engineers calculate the amount of materials necessary to construct a curved dome over a new sports arena? How do space flight engineers launch an exploratory probe? Engineering Calculus with Differential Equations is the universal language of engineers.

Suitable for all levels of learners, Engineering Calculus with Differential Equations is a University of Hong Kong MOOC taught by Professor Chow, Kwok Wing in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Professor Tsang, Kai Man in the Department of Mathematics. In just 14 hours, you could understand the fundamental concepts of single-variable calculus and ordinary differential equations, as well as their applications in different engineering fields.

Animated Mathematics Theories

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Animated Mathematics Theories Slideshow 2
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To facilitate learning for all levels of learners, our multimedia professionals from Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative have also designed animations and interactive visualizations to supplement complex mathematical theories and facilitate understanding of the dynamic nature of topics involving Calculus.

Interactive e-Learning Tools

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Integrated with innovative GeoGebra resources on HKU Open edX for introductory-level mathematics courses as supported by the HKU Teaching Development Grant, students can take advantage of the interactive tools to get immediate answers, verify their solutions for enhanced learning outcomes, and learn how to apply mathematical skills to model and solve real engineering problems.

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