HKU Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018

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TELI took part in the production of awardees’ videos of HKU Excellence Awards 2018. The Excellence Awards Scheme aims at recognizing teaching staff’s contributions to teaching and learning at the University and our team were thrilled to document the awardees’ spirit and achievement for this annual celebration.

In addition, many congratulations to Dr Leon Lei, our E-learning Technologist, for being the recipient of the Professional Services Award (Individual). Dr Lei highlighted TELI in his video, saying that, together with TELI’s colleagues, he has empowered many teachers to create more quality time and space for student learning.

Dr Steven Cannon, Executive Vice-President (Administration & Finance) of HKU, presented the Professional Services Award (Individual) to Dr Leon Lei. [Image credit to Communications and Public Affairs Office, The University of Hong Kong.]

For the full recording of the HKU Excellence Awards 2018 Presentation Ceremony, you may refer to this link.

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