Kick-start the new season with new content

Spring has returned, and so do Dr. Nikos Mattheos. As you might recall, TeLi has been working with Nikos on the 1st of the world Implant Dentistry MOOC since 2016.

Implant Dentistry Filming

Dr. Mattheos used a special 'tool' - balloon, to demonstrate the situation of sinus.

Implant Dentistry Filming by Dr. Janda

Dr. Janda gave us lectures on how to judge a complexity of a case using the SAC Classification.

Trailer filming with Dr. Nikos at Prince Philip Dental Hospital

Dr. Nikos Mattheos and our model Liz had a meaningful and enjoyable discussion on implant topics.

Implant Dentistry MOOC in The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

The TELI team worked with Dr. Nikos Mattheos and Dr. Coral Yao on the Implant Dentistry MOOC in The Prince Philip Dental Hospital.

Dr. Nikos Mattheos on Implant Dentistry MOOC

Dr. Mattheos started by showing us photos of dental surgeon in the past.