International Pennaraptorn Dinosaur Symposium Filming

Last weekend, 30 paleontologists from seven countries gathered in HKU to attend the International Pennaraptorn Dinosaur Symposium as organised by the Department of Earth Sciences and Institute of [...]

Distinguishing Sex & Gender with our new MooC

Back in February, HKU has organised the HeForShe #MeToo workshop on the Valentine’s day. This month, we continue filming the upcoming MooC, “Doing Gender and Why it Matters”, as part of the [...]

Enhance Public Speaking Skills through Flipped Classroom

Students have worked hard over the semester, and there is almost no course that will end without presentations. Presentation skills continue to serve as an essential soft skill that enable [...]

Help Business students work smarter with Tech

Today’s university is vastly different than it first emerge. It used to be a place that could solely rely on only paper, pen and an agile mind. In 2018, tech has already filled students’ life and [...]

DIY filming like a Pro

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video created by talented yet solo YouTubers, you will be amazed by the quality of work and their ability to create such outstanding pieces independently. This [...]

One year Anniversary with MTR

Back in March 2017, we first welcomed MTR to our TeLi multimedia office. For the last 12 months since the first handshake, we’ve been working closely with MTR in producing instructional videos. [...]

Voiceover post production with TeLi

People come to TeLi looking for professional assistance in creating e-learning materials, over the past few years, we’ve worked with various departments in enhancing the traditional way of teaching.

A view through passionate eyes

Experience learning (EL) already has a long history and is still very popular in higher education nowadays, offering enormous opportunities for personal growth, gaining professional skills, and [...]

Linking NGOs with Tech

Technology has always played a role in transforming the society and our way of life. TeLi stands for Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative. And the learnings do not only limit to the university [...]

Chinese Cultural Artifacts

In TeLi, we’re all about new fantastic ways in enhancing the traditional way of teaching. From pre-production like creating storyboard, to post-production including video and audio editing, we [...]

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