Teaching Innovation Production Studio (TIPS)

Booking Guidelines

General Information:

The Teaching Innovation Production Studio (TIPS) managed by Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC) provides high-quality environment for multimedia production. It is a professional filming studio open for staff and students of The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

The opening hours of TIPS:
• Mondays to Fridays
• 10:00am to 6:00pm
(Closed during lunch time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm).

TIPS will be closed during Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and University Holidays.

A total of 3 rooms are available for booking:
a. Main Studio
b. DIY Room 1 – Maximum Capacity: 2
c. DIY Room 2 – Maximum Capacity: 2

Rental Charge:

For the use of facilities at TIPS are listed below (minimum charge is one session):

Main Studio:

The TIPS main studio is open for booking from HKU Student Societies/ Groups and HKU Faculties/ Departments.
Application from individual applicant will not be considered.

Category Rental Charge Per Session (45mins)
HKU Student Societies / Groups HK$ 300
HKU Faculties / Departments HK$ 800

* Rental charge are subject to change from time to time

Rental charge is calculated on the number of sessions booked (not actual use time). Booking extension request will only be accepted when following time slot(s) are available.

DIY rooms (2 in total):
The DIY rooms are available for booking from HKU students and staff. Individual applications are welcome. It is free-of-charge. In normal circumstances, each user can book the room for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

Full-day or multiple days booking:
For special request, please state your purpose in the remarks field of the booking form. You will be contacted via email for further arrangements. For example, if you are a teacher of Common Core courses or Horizons Office programmes and would like to use TIPS for student projects, please specify in the booking form.

Booking Procedure:

1. The booking form is available at: TIPS Booking System. Booking can only be made by HKU staff or student. Presentation of staff card or student card will be required on the filming date.

2. Booking applications are normally accepted up to 2 months in advance. Applications must be made at least 7 calendar days before the filming date.

3. Booking applications will be processed within 4 working days. A confirmation email will be sent to the applicant after the booking request has been approved.

For HKU Student Societies/ Groups

Payment should be settled at least three days before the filming date via local bank transfer. Bank account information will be provided in the booking confirmation message. A copy of the bank-in slip with the student society name, booking date and time should be sent to Booking will be cancelled by TALIC if payment could not be made on time. The cancellation will be considered as a no show. Overrun charges, if any, should be settled by the date following the filming date.

For HKU Departments

Payment will be requested in the form of an invoice. An invoice will be issued to the user after the filming date. Payment is to be completed within 30 calendar days after the filming date.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Rescheduling or cancellation of bookings must be made at least 3 days before the filming date. Cancellation with less than 3 days’ notice will be considered as no show. Lower priority will be given to applicants who have no show record. TALIC reserves the right to reject booking from applicants who have no show record for two times.

Booking will be cancelled immediately if Pre-No. 8 Typhoon Warning Signal or above is hoisted or black rainstorm signal is issued. All activities should be terminated as soon as practicable.

Other Important Information:

  • Data and Storage
    • Users are responsible for the storage, back-up and deletion of their footages filmed in TIPS.
    • If users do not delete footages filmed or data files used, they will be removed by TALIC after the filming date.
    • Please make sure storage devices (such as USB, portable hard-drive) do not contain computer viruses when transferring footages or data files to and from computers in TIPS.
  • Booking priorities will be given to University teaching and learning activities or any other University activities organized by University departments or units.
  • TALIC will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information presented on footages produced by users.
  • All booking rooms within TIPS are equipped with 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance for security purposes.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in TIPS.
  • Users shall not affix any adhesive materials on or drive nails, tacks or spikes into the wall, floor or furniture within TIPS. Furniture should not be moved in or out of TIPS without permission.
  • Users should be mindful while using TIPS, any indecent acts or improper use of equipment within TIPS are prohibited.
  • If user add the name, logo, photo or any symbol of The University of Hong Kong without the consent of the University, in the way that it causes misconception that the materials are associated with the University, which is in fact untrue and misleading, TALIC reserves the right to terminate the venue booking immediately without compensating any loss to the user and blacklist the user for future bookings.
  • Users shall indemnify TALIC for all losses, costs, claims, and expenses which TALIC may incur or suffer, and against all actions, claims or demands made by any person, arising from the act or negligence of the user, his or her guests or other third party.
  • TALIC reserves the right to restrict users from using TIPS if the above rules are violated. For any enquiries, please contact

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