IPTBL is a pioneering effort in conducting interprofessional education (IPE) using team-based learning (TBL). More than 500 students across 7 programmes from 2 universities participated in the first year of this pioneering programme.


IPTBL – How does it work?
The main purpose of IPTBL is to facilitate deeper learning experiences and interactions of health professional students in their roles and responsibilities; and to enable them to actively learn in small groups. Collaborative learning is nothing new in education. But what makes IPTBL special is that it is a pioneering effort to promote interprofessional education (IPE) across healthcare disciplines using team-based learning (TBL) and ed-tech. Students from multidisciplinary silos teamed up to tackle clinical cases, debate on questions and appeal to facilitators regarding the answers. So far, the project has successfully broken down the silos of 7 different programmes and engaged 600 students from HKU and PolyU.


Technology makes collaboration easier in the classroom. Contact us if you want to create new collaborative opportunities for your students. More photos of the seminar can be found on our Facebook and Twitter.

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