e-Teacher-in-Residence (January to June 2019)

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In the second semester of Academic Year 2018/2019, Ms. Charlotte Chang joined us to be our e-Teacher-in-Residence.

Charlotte is an enthusiastic teacher who has employed various methodologies and pedagogies to enrich her online English Language teaching. After developing a curriculum that teaches English using a framework of basic linguistics concepts, Charlotte launched an online course for Hong Kong adults in late 2018. Since then, her course has engaged around 200 students, many of whom were hesitant at first to try online education but gradually came to see its merits for lifelong learning. Through this semester-long residency at TELI, Charlotte hopes to share her holistic experiences and engage in meaningful discussions about promoting online education to both students and teachers within HKU and beyond.

Internal inaugural sharing session (5th March, 2019)

Ms. Charlotte Chang, our e-Teacher-in-Residence, delivered her inaugural content sharing with TELI colleagues. In this one-hour seminar, she shared her motivation of being an online teacher and the difficulties she encountered while transitioning from frontline teaching to online teaching. After taking up the challenges of video editing and instructional design without prior knowledge, she successfully launched her online language-teaching academy after a year of writing, development, and production.

The message at the core of Charlotte’s sharing was that both students as well as teachers have a great deal to gain with online education, and it is essential for TELI and other facilitators to help them realize this and embrace technology in teaching and learning. When it comes to online education, the default question that students and teachers should be asking is not “why online”, but rather “why not online.”

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