Promotional Video for Grammar Moodle

TELI and CAES filmed a promotional video to help students master English grammar.

HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme 2018

Sixty-eight students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) participated in the HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment App Testing

Recently, developers from the TELI team has created an app to promote the prevention of sexual harassment in HKU campus.

Building of 3D Train model

In recent collaboration with MTR, TELI's 3D and visual effect experts are creating Kwun Tong Line C-train models.

Lab technique filming in Department of Pharmacy

TELI has produced many lab-related video, including surgical procedures, lab experiment procedures, safety precautions and so on.

FOSS Mini-movie Filming

In collaboration with the HKU Faculty of Social Sciences, the TELI crew filmed a short mini-movie on the end-of-life topic, featuring famous actor & actresses.