Promotion video for Glossary App

Download and try out our new app - "Newssary"!

TPg Operational Model Working Group 2017 Retreat

The TELI team is invited to the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers at Tsim Sha Tsui to film the TPg Operational Model Working Group 2017 Retreat.

Implant Dentistry Filming

Dr. Mattheos used a special 'tool' - balloon, to demonstrate the situation of sinus.

Introduction to Advisory zone in Chi Wah Learning Commons

TELI is now producing a video introducing the Advisory Zone (Zone R) in Chi Wah Learning Commons.

VO recording for Surgical procedures

During the production of instructional videos, we often require speakers to record voice-over (VO) to better explain the procedures.

Behind-the-scenes of Universe MOOC production

On the table, you will see a metallic ball and colour chart. They are useful tools for the post-production and VFX.

Epidemic Game Meeting

Join the fight against epidemics!

Preseving old memories: Recording the appearance of our pathology building

The HKU Pathology Building at the Queen Mary Hospital has been standing proud for half a century.

Digital literacy workshop for “FOSS2020 Global Citizenship Summer Institute”

This workshop aims to teach students video production skills.

MTR Studio Filming

Have you wondered how our Mass Transit Railway works?

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